Chair Lift for Stairs

Having stairs in your home doesn't have to be a hassle. Often as one age, they lose some of their mobility. Climbing up and down the stairs can thus become difficult. Perhaps one's sense of balance is off. What can you do? If you think the only answer is selling your home and moving, we may have another option. Instead of selling your home in Novi, MI, Farmington, Rochester or one of the other surrounding areas, pick up the phone and give us a call at Allied Stairlifts LLC. Ask one of our helpful, caring, and kind staff members about having a chair lift for stairs installed in your home. We'll discuss the options that you have available. We have several varieties because we want to make sure that we have the perfect chair lift for stairs available for the different clients who call us.

These lifts provide users with a seat that they sit on, while the lift safely transports them up and down the stairs. It takes all of the stress and worry out of going up and down the stairs. Not only is this wonderful for the user, but also for their family. Family members usually feel a lot better when they know that their loved one is no longer struggling to go up and down the stairs. The anxiety over falls is thus diminished for all concerned. For the person who uses the lift, there is a renewed sense of independence. We are proud to be able to install these quality lifts in the homes of those who need them. We also have a group of talented individuals on hand who are trained to repair the lifts, should there be any problem in the future. However, don't worry as all of our lifts have a warranty to give you some added peace of mind. Learn more about us through our website at,, and then contact us to set up an appointment.