Commercial Elevators

At Allied Stairlifts LLC, we do more than just installing and maintaining stair lifts. We also install elevators. We have a skilled team that can install both residential and commercial elevators throughout Grosse Point, MI, West Bloomfield, Birmingham, and various other areas of Michigan. Our commercial elevator is designed to be used in low rise settings of up to three stories high. However, it is made with all of the features that you would expect in a high rise elevator. It provides the user with a smooth and quiet ride. It is perfect for schools, places of worship, and small offices. This elevator is affordably priced and pleasing to look at. It's also fully automated and can be used both indoors and outdoors. If your staff or patrons are tired of running up and down the stairs, it might be the perfect option for you. You can learn more about our elevators by visiting our website at

Our residential elevator is perfect for multi-story homes. When you're carrying heavy or bulky items, hop on and take a smooth ride up or down. The elevator is designed to add beauty to your home and will blend in perfectly no matter what type of decor you have. It's made to make your life easier. Carry laundry up and down more easily than ever. Cart your heavy luggage up to your room without breaking your back by simply wheeling it onto your elevator. Treat yourself to a bit of luxury. Contact us today about installing your new elevator. Once you have it, you'll wonder how you ever got along without it. Luckily, you won't have to be without it again. We also repair and service the products we sell. So if you ever have a problem, give us a call. Our helpful staff is standing by to speak to you.