Power Lift Chairs

We would like to educate our friends and neighbors in Macomb, MI, Birmingham, Bloomfield Hills and elsewhere about the difference that power lift chairs can make in their lives. Realizing that it's no longer as easy to get around your home as it used to be can be scary, and it can fill your head with worry. After all, how can you live in your house if you're no longer able to get upstairs to the bedroom? Sure, you can decide to sleep in the living room, and may even decide to have your belongings moved downstairs, but giving up half of your home is not always a feasible option. It's your house, and you should be able to enjoy all of it. That's where power lift chairs come in. We are Allied Stairlifts LLC, and we install, repair and maintain these types of stair lifts for those who need them.

The lifts are installed on your staircase. They have a chair that you sit on. The lift then smoothly and securely brings you up the stairs and back down again when you want it to. It's simple to operate and makes a world of difference in the quality of life of our clients and their
 families. Family members feel a sense of security knowing that their loved one is no longer struggling to get up and down the stairs. The person using the lift also gets a renewed sense of independence and wellbeing. We have several makes and models to meet your needs. Take a look at them on our website at, alliedstairlifts.com and see what each one offers. Once you choose the lift that best suits you, we'll be happy to get it installed quickly.

Don't put off calling us about something that can make such a difference in your life. Contact us today and you'll be glad that you did.