Stairlifts make life easier for many people. Whether you have stairs inside your home or live on the second floor of a two-story home, stair lifts can enable you to get around more easily. If pain or instability is keeping you from feeling secure as you navigate the stairs of your home, contact us at Allied Stairlifts LLC. We can install a wonderful lift in your home. We have several models of stairlifts for you to choose from. Each has different features and price points. We do have some amazing and economic models that are designed to enhance your life and make it easier for you to get around. If you're located in Birmingham, MI, Macomb, Clarkston, or one of the nearby areas, we invite you to get in touch with us to discuss the various models and your needs. You can call us at 586-533-0777, or you can fill out the convenient contact form on our website at, Simply fill out the form and we'll get back to you as quickly as possible.

If a chairlift doesn't feel quite right for you, we also install elevators. Elevators also make it easier to navigate the various levels in your home. They are also an excellent source of help when you're carrying bags, luggage, boxes and more. Simply hop onto the elevator and enjoy the quiet ride to the upper level, then back down again. Imagine how much easier laundry day will be. Elevators also add a bit of luxury to the home, which may result in a better resale value if you decide to sell the home at a later date.

Once you contact us, installation is quick. You'll be using your new lift or elevator before you know it. You just have to take the first step and get in touch with us. Our staff is friendly, excellent at what they do, and very customer service oriented. We're sure that you'll be more than satisfied with the entire experience.