Wheelchair Lift

At Allied Stairlifts LLC our main priority is helping those in Clarkston, MI, Novi, Farmington and elsewhere get around in their homes. We understand how difficult it can be when the body won't do what the mind wants it to do. The person who used to run up and down the stairs with no problem may one day find themselves unable to safely walk up and down those very same steps. This can lead to anger, sadness, and even hopelessness. After all, how can you live in a home if you can't get around in it?  We have the answers to your issues. Just call us or visit our informative website at, alliedstairlifts.com. We can install and maintain a chairlift, elevator, or wheelchair lift. Each of these items will enable you to get around better. If you're confined to a wheelchair, a wheelchair lift is what you need to get up and down. If you have trouble getting up and down the stairs, a chairlift is an answer. If you want to be able to get up and down with groceries, laundry baskets or other large items, an elevator would surely make things easier.

As mentioned, we don't just sell and install these items. We also repair them should they have any issues, and you can call us to handle any routine maintenance that is needed. Our products all come with a warranty to give you peace of mind. Our staff is also certified to work on these items. They have all undergone the proper training, which enables them to quickly diagnose and repair any issues that crop up. We have a wonderful and compassionate team that works hard to bring our clients exactly what they need. We would love the chance to speak with you. Call us to discuss any mobility issues that you're having. We can often recommend the best chair for you. We have a variety of models, and each one does an excellent job. It only depends on which one you feel is right for you. We can figure this out together.